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Construction companies

The construction sector is competitive and always evolving. For some time now, the margins are under pressure. A good organisation and an accurate observation of budgets and construction projects is a must for the continuity and growth of your construction company. This requires powerful ERP software. 

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Installation companies

For installation companies an updated overview of planning and projects is indispensable. Your company’s success depends on the ability to make detailed reports and to adjust your company management.  ERP software helps you to keep control, and makes sure your turnover and profit increase. 

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After-Sales Service

Make good quotations, update stock information, schedule staff efficiently, correct registration of the worked hours, inform customers of the status of the maintenance works, quick subsequent calculation and invoicing: all these factors are essential to make a success of the services your organisation provides. 

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ICT companies

To serve your customers professionally, your IT consultants need perfectly working software tools, both in and out of the office. Moreover, your customers can always have a look at the status of their current contracts, and they can request and observe new interventions. Our ERP software helps you in this. 

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Real Estate

For project developers it is essential to maintain good relationships with potential buyers. A clear overview of all projects and an accurate follow-up of the budgets and invoicing are at the basis of your company’s success. ERP software helps you to work professionally. 

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